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Skin care, natural cosmetics, magnesium chloride

Skin care, natural cosmetics, magnesium chloride

Skin care, natural cosmetics, magnesium chlorideSkin care, natural cosmetics, magnesium chloride

Mila means kind because we are kind to your skin, you, and Earth.



Free products and referals

Once you try one of our products you can get free products by referring friends.  Every three referrals with purchase earn you a free product.  Also if you save your containers and return your clean bottles and jars you get one free products for every 10 empty returns.  We value you and our earth and want to make truly green choices possible.


Origin story

Mila Earth Bodycare started as an organically grown project to make truly natural products available.  Originally started in Taiwan because Katerina wanted the best for her friends and family.  It grew to over 700 clients world wide, just through referrals.  Every product can be customized and used in a variety of ways because quality and small batches are the true priority.  We recycle all containers and believe in educating each new Mila Earth family member to buy local, create their own products, or buy from us.  We are a community of like minded individuals. 


Our Mission

 Mila Earth bodycare is made in small fresh batches at home to ensure freshness. Products can be customized for allergies and special needs. We make safe products for your whole family. All our products are safe and effective for every member of your family. Please share with us your sensitivities, needs or health concerns so that we may best suggest, create ,or customize products that truly suit your needs.
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Mila Earth Bodycare

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Mila Earth Bodycare review

This is a video by a girl I never met, and who lovingly reviewed quite a few products and gave her honest feedback.  She definetelly ordered my top sellers.

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