Harmonic Resonance : a Family-Friendly Exploration of Solfeggio Frequencies


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Embark on a profound exploration of frequencies at our upcoming workshop hosted by the Conscious Collective, a community committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment for future generations. Join us as we delve into the art of sound through three distinct explorations suitable for all ages, making it a family-friendly experience.

  1. Voice Activation: Unleash the power within your own voice as we guide you in generating frequencies unique to you. Discover the therapeutic qualities of vocal expression, exploring its potential for self-healing and connection.
  2. Tuning Forks Unveiled: Immerse yourself in the world of tuning forks, unraveling their mysteries and understanding how they can be harnessed to create harmonious frequencies. Experience firsthand the transformative impact of these precision instruments.
  3. Solfeggio-Tuned Sound Bowls: Unlock the hidden art of sound bowls as we delve into their specific tuning within the solfeggio scale. Learn not only how to tune them but also explore the significance of their resonance, gaining insights into both personal and collective frequencies.

This enriching event invites you and your family to contribute a minimum donation of $15, supporting our collective mission to create a space where the magic of tuned frequencies intertwines with community collaboration for the betterment of all. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore, resonate, and harmonize with the transformative power of sound.

Choose a date  at the Conscious Collective 5-6:15 pm with anyone from the very young to the older 🙂


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February 28th, March 22nd, April 17th


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