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100% natural magnesium chloride spray and flakes let you restore your magnesium levels faster and more effectively than any other oral and synthetic supplements. One serving (14 sprays) gives 140mg of natural ionic magnesium. Each bottle gives you 70 servings.  Take 2 servings daily for optimal results. add 10 sprays to your water daily to enable protein synthesis. How did we get Magnesium before?For as long as man has existed we got water from the mountains, wells, creeks and glaciers : all of these sources are magnesium rich. More importantly we bathed in this water, washed our dishes and watered our plants. For holidays we go to hot springs and to the beach , which have magnesium rich waters. When we bathe and consume mineral /magnesium rich waters our bodies 3500 body process are able to function at an optimal level. The one element that has changed is the daily magnesium we get from our water. We can simply and cheaply remedy this by using magnesium chloride daily and enable your body to relax, produce the correct amount of hormones, sleep better, and process vitamin D. A magnesium supplement’s stability constant tells us how easily our body extracts the magnesium ion. The lower the constant, the more easily we get the magnesium.Magnesium chloride has the best possible stability constant: ZERO. This is because the magnesium and chloride are bound weakly. When you take it, your body gets the magnesium ion with ZERO work.As a bonus, the chloride ions in these small MgCL molecules are also vital electrolytes that are needed in our blood, and are easily regulated.Today as consumers we must question everything. Many companies make incredible claims but their sourcing falls short. To understand Magnesium you need to understand that there are three major sources in the world. In China there is a topical magnesium mine, which does not produce therapy grade magnesium, instead this is used on our roads (and other companies to make magnesium products), The second large topical mine is in Germany, which produces therapy grade and non therapy grade Magnesium (the therapy Grade Magnesium is used in hospitals for heart attacks and for IV use). The last source is the Zeichstein seabed. The Zechstein seabed is 1.5 Km underground and is not exposed to topical pollutants and chemicals, as a result all the magnesium is therapy grade and pure. This mine has transparent mining practices and it is amazingly pure, safe and every batch is tested.Now you can also take magnesium in pill form, but internal magnesium is only 8-30 % absorbably because it is destroyed by the digestive system, when magnesium is in a cream, oil, or bath your body absorbs it at a rate of 80%. Magic Magnesium is best transdermally. Magnesium Chloride is a transdermal (topical) and internal spray. It helps your kids sleep, you to relax, husbands back to get better, grandma’s arthritis to feel better, brother in laws plantar fasciitis to heal and protein to the absorbed, melatonin to be produced, serotonin creates, vitamin D to be synthesized, and collagen restored.Yes, you all need it and it would make a tremendous difference and improve your quality of comfort, sleep and inflammation.

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