Unveiling Nature’s Pantry: Coastal Forest Foraging Workshops



🌿 Discover the Secrets of Coastal Forest Foraging: A Seasonal Journey

Join us for an immersive series of foraging workshops nestled within the lush woodlands and shaded enclaves of British Columbia’s lower mainland. Delve deep into the rich tapestry of nature’s bounty as we explore the diverse flora that thrives in our coastal forests. Each workshop is meticulously curated to reflect the changing seasons, offering participants a unique opportunity to connect with the land and learn sustainable harvesting practices.

🌱 Spring Foraging Workshop (March – May)
Embark on a journey of exploration as we uncover the treasures of early spring. Wander through woodland groves in search of Usnea, a lichen with potent medicinal properties. Learn to identify Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock, along with delicate blooms like Pacific Bleeding Hearts and Lungwort. Harness the rejuvenating power of Horsetail and the nutritional richness of Nettle, perfect for early spring nourishment.

🌸 Mid-Spring Foraging Workshop (May – June)
As spring blossoms into full bloom, we continue our quest for botanical wonders. Seek out the fragrant blooms of Bald Hip Rose, the cascading beauty of Oregon Grape, and the resilient presence of Devil’s Club. Delight in the versatility of Dogwood flowers and bark, and discover the subtle sweetness of Woodland Strawberry leaves, all while deepening your understanding of their medicinal and culinary uses.

🌞 Early Summer Foraging Workshop (June – July)
Embrace the warmth of early summer as we venture further into the forest’s embrace. Encounter the ethereal Ghost Pipe, the whimsical Parrot’s Beak, and the vibrant hues of Thimbleberry. Explore the myriad uses of Western Bunchberry and the nutritional benefits of Thin-Leaf Huckleberry leaves. Discover the interconnectedness of plants and their ecosystems, as we gather knowledge and sustenance from the land.

πŸ‚ Late Summer Foraging Workshop (August – September)
As summer wanes, we turn our focus to the autumnal harvest. Harvest Nettle seeds and leaves, prized for their nourishing properties, and unearth the golden threads of Goldthread. Delve into the hidden depths of Red Baneberry root and the sweet succulence of Salal berries. Explore the underappreciated Western Trillium leaf and the tart allure of Rowanberries, all while honoring the principles of sustainability and stewardship.

πŸ„ Fall Mushroom Foraging (September – October)
As the leaves begin to turn, join us for an exploration of the fungal kingdom. Navigate the forest floor in search of edible delights like Chanterelles, Lobster Mushrooms, and King Boletes. Learn to discern friend from foe as we unlock the secrets of mushroom identification and safe harvesting practices.

🌿 Every Workshop Includes:

  • Hands-on foraging experience with expert guidance
  • Insightful discussions on plant identification, uses, and conservation
  • Breath work and grounding exercises to deepen connection with nature
  • Herbal wild forage tea sampling
  • A thoughtful gift to continue your foraging journey

🌳 Participant Information:

  • Suitable for all ages, though children may require assistance
  • Participants encouraged to bring a scavenging knife, small spade, and bag
  • Gloves recommended for those wary of nails
  • Limited spots available, so secure your place today

🌱 Join Us in Unlocking the Mysteries of the Forest!
Experience the magic of coastal forest foraging and embark on a journey of discovery unlike any other. Sign up for our upcoming workshops and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature’s pantry. Come prepared to explore, learn, and forge deeper connections with the natural world around you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of the land and its gifts. Reserve your spot now and let the adventure begin!


Currently we’re looking at dates which we posted shortly but you can always pre-book an event and or have group events if there are four or more people than we can have a private event at this rate.

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June 16: 2-5 pm, july 21 2-5 pm, . August 4th 2-5 pm, August 30th: 11-3pm, September 15th. 2-5 pm, private foraging tour up to 10 people