Have you ever experienced that magical moment where all the threads of your life weave into perfect harmony? Recently, it happened to me at the Conscious Collective. Here, my environmentalism, creativity, cooking skills, and product-making abilities collide in a symphony of energy alongside Camille.

Blessed is an understatement. I don’t want you to miss the intoxicating energy we’ve created. It’s not just about shopping; it’s about getting inspired, letting the creativity flow. For Valentine’s Day, I used leftover fabric to craft hearts, bunting, drop-down decorative hearts, and even a rag carpet. Creativity knows no bounds when you let it flourish.

Then, I made dish soap, and Valentine’s Day inspired stain removers with plantable wildflower paper cards. My inspiration stems from the Earth, surrounded by sustainability.

Next up, recycled soap holders for our shampoo and conditioner bars, ensuring a waste-free experience.

Our kids’ table crafts at the upcoming market are all about recycling and using imagination to recreate, minimizing waste.

Come, experience. You don’t need to shop, just enjoy a coffee, explore, ask questions. Get inspired to create a better, more sustainable world where we all thrive and nourish our souls while replenishing our planet’s resources.

Intentional Consciousness

I’ve always believed in creating a sustainable mind lab, a space where questions lead to repurposing, recycling, and crafting higher quality environments. It’s an educational opportunity for today and a legacy for the future.

Join us at the Conscious Collective; you’re cordially invited.

Warmly, Katerina